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Creating a resume with an online service: the advantages

Thanks to the development of Internet technologies and the introduction of electronic workflow, each person can independently make a resume and download it in universal PDF format, and print out if necessary.

All the advantages of creating a resume online are the following:

  • you do not need any technical knowledge and skills in the work of documents due to the clear interface of the online resource;
  • templates will help you navigate and choose the best option. For example, in the absence of experience, merit and achievements, a simple summary will not look scant due to well-placed blocks;
  • ready-made samples, compiled by professionals, will create a full resume for work, making it informative, memorable and selling;
  • a variety of design options - it is a guarantee that your CV will accurately match the specifics of the position you are applying for;
  • there is no need to puzzle over word circulation, fonts and formatting, everything is already done by experienced HR-specialists and webmasters.

Time saving is an important advantage of our site. You can download the ready-made document 15-20 minutes after you have started filling in the field in the online constructor.

Preparing for the next career with the help of the service

No one is immune from professional burnout, so at a certain point in their work people begin to think about a change of profession or place of work.

The way to create a new career begins with a resume. This is the first document from which the recruiter learns about the existence of applicants for a vacancy. His e-mailbox may contain dozens or even hundreds of such documents, but only 5-7 will not go to the cart.

HR professionals are not surprised by the desire of people to try something new, but they should see good reasons to consider your candidacy.

Our online service offers several useful recommendations on this matter from career consultants:

  • if the experience in the new profession is very little (and so it usually happens), indicate that you are a well-trained, motivated person and you can safely take the team «on growth»;
  • be sure to explain your motivation to make clear your desire to work in a new specialty;
  • list your skills, qualifications, expertise and related responsibilities that may be useful in a new job, and eliminate irrelevant
  • Consider the style of presentation - formal for economic, legal positions, free for journalism or management, and creative - for creative occupations.

Getting a job in a new field is difficult, but possible. When writing a résumé without work experience, it is appropriate to state that you are willing to do an unpaid internship and work overtime in order to acquire the necessary skills and prove your usefulness to the employer company. The Achers do not regard such a pitch as fawning, but rather see a man confident in his abilities.

Tips for those with experience

Templates and ready-made samples of professionally compiled resumes help you understand how to design a document, how to place blocks and what to write in the appropriate sections. But each person is individual, as well as his career, and all his merits and best qualities need to be presented in a favorable light.

How to make a PDF resume online, you already know. Now the question is how to pack your work baggage in informative, selling and memorable CV? Take into account five important tips from experienced HR managers:

  • recruiters don’t read their résumés, they scans them and «scan» blocks for keywords that meet the expectations of the employer. It can be some programs, skills, work experience and so on. D. Finding the right keys is easiest in the description of the job that you are interested in, and organically distribute them in blocks. The keys, by the way, are well recognized by the services of automated text screening, which use Eichar;
  • the majority of employers want to see in their staff with current skills, so list in detail the recent courses and trainings, lectures, seminars and other ways to improve knowledge and skills;
  • in the section «work experience» pay special attention to the last three years and indicate concrete achievements with figures and facts throughout the history of his work, which will be useful in the new position;
  • Do not write technical terms, understandable only to a narrow specialist. HR may not know them, and uncomfortable information repels;
  • do not write about yourself praised ode. Name only those personal qualities and hobbies that will increase your value as a hypothetical employee of the company.

Ready resume - a service that helps to properly draw up and design the document, adapt the samples to you and your goals. Here it is important to observe another rule of an ideal resume - it should be concise and informative, without lyrics and descriptions of the knowledge and skills obvious for the profession. And don’t forget about the catching headline - for example, «Sales Manager. Brought the company $30 million».

How do you know what you have written informative and selling CV? Let it read the person you trust. If he wants to, metaphorically speaking, hire you, then the document is at least convincing.

The most common errors when compiling

Do not consider CV just part of the employment ritual. This is a document that first and foremost makes the recruiter understand your goals. If you are ready to work full-stack, frontend and backend developer, write three resumes for each post, otherwise there is a feeling that the applicant himself does not know what he wants. Especially because here you can make a resume online for free in any desired amount.

The resume has to be honest. You can not embellish your achievements, because if you are suitable for a vacancy, the recruiter can check the data specified in the questionnaire. By the way, one way or another will be checked all candidates who passed the selection, so conduct an audit of their social networks, so that there is no content contrary to what you indicated in the «about yourself» box.

For various reasons, people do not write in the resume desired salary. However, career consultants believe that this amount allows to assess the adequacy of the applicant and his ambition. Overpriced scares, underpriced is appropriate for candidates without work experience. Average market salary for the post and region + 10% - ideal. Resume Service: Why They Choose Us

Everything happens for the first time, including writing a resume. For a job seeker, CV is not only a means of communication with his employer, but his ticket to an interview. Without copywriting and formatting skills, it is difficult to create a catchy resume.

This is helped by our service, through which everyone can make CV online for free and significantly improve their chances in the labor market.

Why choose us? Here are just 5 arguments for

  • simple and clear interface allows you to create a modern, structured resume with a beautiful design in minutes;
  • many templates and ready-made templates for professions, compiled by experienced HR-specialists, will help quickly find a suitable option;
  • a convenient personal account where you can store several options, and if necessary edit and update them;
  • our site works without failures 24/7;

Any questions? Email us, we respond instantly.

With the tools of and our tips, you will be able to create the perfect resume for a successful self-presentation and make a pleasant impression on your staff managers.

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Answers to frequently asked questions about creating a resume

The following information should be included in your resume to make it complete and attractive to potential employers:

  • Contact Information. Full name, email address, phone number, and, if desired, links to professional social networks such as LinkedIn.
  • Purpose or professional profile. A brief statement of your professional goals or qualifications. This can be a statement of your desired position or a general overview of your skills and experience.
  • Education. A list of degrees, diplomas or certificates earned, stating the institution, year of graduation and, if applicable, specialization.
  • Work experience. A list of places of employment, including position, company, start and finish dates, and a brief description of major responsibilities and accomplishments at each location.
  • Skills. A list of skills and competencies important to the desired position. This may include technical skills, languages, communication skills, etc.
  • Accomplishments and awards. Listing significant professional or academic accomplishments, awards, or recognitions that can highlight your qualifications and motivation.
  • Volunteering and community service. Mention experience volunteering or participating in community organizations if it is related to a desired position or can demonstrate your personal qualities.
  • Hobbies and interests. An optional section that may help an employer better understand your personality and interests outside of work.

Pay attention that the resume should be clear, concise and neatly formatted. Try to tailor your resume to the specific job, highlighting the most relevant skills and experience for the position.

At you will find templates that are ready and well-designed. To choose the one that's right for you, it's worth relying on more than just the visual design.Choosing the right resume template depends on several factors, such as your experience, the industry you're looking for a job in, and your strengths. 

A few guidelines for choosing a resume template:

  • Determine your experience. If you have little experience or have just graduated, consider the Dark Minimalist, Black and White Corporate or Cream Corporate templates. The space in the template is spread out so that your resume won't look empty.
  • Consider the industry. Depending on the industry and the role you're applying for, different resume styles may be more or less appropriate. For example, for creative industries, a resume with a custom design may be appealing Oliva Accent, Simple White and Trendy Soft templates would be appropriate here. For more conservative industries, such as finance or medicine, a more formal and strict style of Creative Vibe and Clear Lines templates will be appropriate.
  • Match your employer's requirements. Pay attention to the employer's requirements and look for a template that will help you meet those requirements. For example, if an employer asks for a resume with a specific structure, make sure the template you choose meets those criteria.
  • Readability and scannability. A good resume template should be easy to read and scan. Divide the information into logical sections, use clear headings and bullet points for easy reading. Avoid overloading your resume with graphics or too small a font. Easy and simple templates: Classical Structure, MBA Minimal, MBA Modern, MBA New Wave.

To do this, go to My Resumes, select the resume you want, and click "Edit". In the Resume Builder, go to the bottom of the page and click on "Change Template". The resume on the new template will download automatically in PDF format.

At, resumes can be downloaded in PDF format. 

Providing resumes in PDF format has several advantages over other formats such as Word (.doc, .docx) or text files (.txt). Here are a few reasons why PDF is the preferred format for resumes:

Retention of formatting. The PDF format retains the original formatting of the document, including fonts, sizes, indents, and placement of elements. This ensures that your resume looks the same on all devices and platforms, and the employer sees it the way you designed it.

  • Versatility. PDF is a widely used and supported format that can be opened on any computer, tablet or smartphone. Most modern operating systems and email readers have built-in tools for viewing PDF files.
  • Tamper-proof. PDF files are harder to change or edit than Word or text files. This means that your resume will be less susceptible to accidental or intentional changes once it's sent.
  • Smaller file size. PDF files tend to be smaller than Word files or even text files with the same content. This makes it easier to email resumes and makes it less likely that your email will be rejected due to exceeding the attachment size limit.
  • Professional look. The PDF format looks more professional and formal compared to other file formats. This can create a more favorable impression of you with a potential employer.

For these reasons, providing a resume in PDF format is a good practice and can improve your chances of success in your job search.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact We are constantly trying to improve our service, so we will also welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Yes, you can delete your resume. To do this, go to My Resumes, select the desired resume and click "Delete Resume".

Free resume templates on the site are marked as Free. 

To unlock the Basic, Advanced and Professional templates and get additional features you need to pay a nominal fee.

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