Карыстальніцкая дамова

This User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "Agreement") applies to use of services (referred to in the agreement as "Services") provided by the Site Administration via website https://cvgun.io/ ( called in the "Site" agreement). The person who uses the Service (referred to in the agreement as "User"), accepted these Terms by using or continuing to use the Service.

Item 1. Terms and definitions

Site administrator – Individual entrepreneur Borisov MI TIN 540129789408, PSRN 320547600070448.

User - an individual who enters into an Agreement with the Site Administrator, on the terms contained in this Offer.

Account is a program with individual access designed to authorize the Licensee as the user of the Site, automation and accounting of the data entered by the Licensee into the database and other actions required for the conclusion and execution of this Agreement. To create a personal account, the Licensee needs an address email.

Service - is a set of data and commands presented in an objective form, intended for functioning of computers and other computer devices in order to obtain a certain result, including preparatory materials obtained during the development of a computer program, and audiovisual generated by it display (Article 1261 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation).

A database is a set of independent materials (articles) presented in an objective form, systematized in such a way that these materials can be found and processed using electronic computer (computer) (paragraph 2, clause 2, article 1260 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation)

Site is a composite work, which is a collection of computer programs that allows administer the site and modify databases. The site is available on the Internet at a network address (domain name): https://cvgun.io/ including all levels the specified domains, both functioning on the date of the conclusion of this agreement, and launched and entered into operation during the entire period of its validity.

Item 2. User Form

2.1. When using the Services, a Form is automatically created using the data provided by the User (referred to in convention as "Form"). The User can access the Service only after filling out the main form.

2.2. The user agrees that he will be solely responsible for all actions performed in Service, and maintain the security and privacy of access to the Account (referred to in the agreement as "Account entry).

2.3. The User must not provide access to the User Account to third parties and must immediately notify the Site Administration of any breach of security or unauthorized use of your Account record that you have become aware of.

2.4. The User confirms that any information in the Form is accurate, complete and reliable (including payment details).

Item 3. Site Services

3.1. Subject to payment for our Service (referred to in the Agreement as "Payment"), the Site provides The User has permission to use the Site Service in accordance with this Agreement.

3.2. In case of failure to pay for our Service, we may provide the User with access to the Service with limited functionality.

3.3. The user will be provided with a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, revocable a license to use our software as part of the Services (hereinafter referred to in the agreement as "System").

3.4. The system is provided to the User under a license, and is not sold, and the Site Administration reserves all rights to the System that are not explicitly granted to the User in accordance with this Agreement. This the license does not give the User any rights and permissions for the following actions:

a) Bypass any technological protection and security measures in the System or Service;

b) Crack, Dismantle, decompile, decrypt, emulate, exploit or reverse designing the System or other component of the Service, which is part of them or available through them, for unless such action is expressly permitted by applicable copyright law and only to the extent that it is allowed;

c) Copy, borrow and/or rent, publish, sell, export, import, distribute or lend the System or Service;

d) Transfer the System, any software licenses, and any rights to access or access the Service use;

e) Use the Site Service in any unauthorized way (including in violation of this Agreement) or in any other way that might prevent anyone else from using them.

3.5. The Site Administration has the right to immediately terminate, suspend, revoke or restrict the rights of the User to use the System or the Service at any time without penalty in order to protect our legitimate business interests.

3.6. Despite the fact that the Site Administration will make reasonable efforts to ensure the continued availability Service of the Site, from time to time the Service may experience downtime, interruptions, disconnections and / or interruptions, and The User agrees that the Site Administration is not responsible for any such cases, no matter for what reason and how they arose.

3.7. The User agrees that the Site Administration may at any time conduct or launch scheduled or unscheduled maintenance of the Service that may affect the availability of the Service site. 

Clause 4. Use of the Website Service by the User

4.1. Unless otherwise stated in the description of the Service, the Site Administration does not control, check, or edit and doesn't follow  use of the Service by the User or any Forms created as a result of your use of the Service.

4.2. The User agrees that the accuracy, reliability, quality, the honesty or integrity of any Forms created as a result of your use of the Service.

4.3. The Site Administration cannot guarantee that the use of the Service will improve the User's chances, prospects or ability to get a job or employment.

4.4 The Site Administration cannot guarantee that the downloaded files of the Forms will be available (open) on device of the User.

4.5 The Website Administration does not depend on the equipment of the User's device with the necessary software for access to the downloadable Form from the Site Service.

Item 5. Changes to the Service and the System

5.1. Without restrictions on the Service that the Site Administration may implement, modify or remove, our Service include:

а) Form creation;

b) Drawing up a Form; 

c) Blank optimization.

5.2. The Site Administration can change any of the functionality in order to:

a) Reflect changes in relevant laws and regulations;

b) Implement technical changes, new features and improvements to the Service.

Item 6. User Content

6.1. When using the Service, the User can store, upload and share the created content (hereinafter referred to as agreement "Content"). 

6.2. The site administration does not claim ownership of the User Content. User Content remains User, and only the User is responsible for it. By this Agreement, the User completely releases the Site Administration from any liability in relation to the User Content.

6.3. By uploading User Content to the Site, the User automatically and irrevocably:

a) provides the Site Administration with a perpetual, transferable, free, worldwide license with the right to sublicense, use, copy, modify, create derivative works, distribute, publicly display and otherwise use User Content in any format and through any channel distributions that are currently known or will be developed in the future, without the need additional notification or obtaining consent from the User, as well as the need to pay To the User or any other natural or legal person;

b) waive all moral rights to the User Content that may be available to the User at any parts of the world, and acknowledge that no such rights have been claimed;

c) appoint the Site Administration as a representative of the User, who has all the authority to conclude any documents and/or taking any action that we deem appropriate to confirm the license, consent and denials outlined above;

d) warrant that the User is the owner of the User Content and has the right to accept these Agreement, and that the User Content does not infringe the proprietary rights or privacy rights of any a third party; and

e) acknowledge that the User Content is not subject to any obligation of non-disclosure, or other obligations, and that we are not responsible for any use or disclosure of such User content.

Item 7. Rules for user-generated content

7.1. Custom content must not violate any intellectual property or other rights of any entity or individual, including infringing anyone's copyrights or trademarks; 

7.2. Custom content must not be aggressive, libelous, obscene, pornographic, racist, cruel, discriminatory, defamatory, threatening or offensive;

7.3. Custom content must not be derogatory, derogatory or otherwise portray in a negative light any person represented in it;

7.4. Custom Content must not violate any law, regulation, rule or code of conduct; and/or

7.5. User Content must not impersonate a User other entity or person, or misrepresent your affiliation with any other entity or an individual, or otherwise manipulate headers or identifying data in order to obscure content origin.

7.6. The User is prohibited from introducing or using programs containing viruses, worms and/or Trojans, or any other computer code, files, or programs designed to disrupt, overload, crash, destroy, or limiting the functionality of any computer software or hardware, or communication facilities;

7.7. The User is prohibited from copying any other pages or images on the Site, except in cases when the User has the appropriate authority to do so; 

7.8. The User agrees to indemnify and release the Site Administration from liability in respect of all and any losses, damages, claims and obligations that the Site Administration may incur as a result of or in connection with violation by the User of this Clause 7 of this Agreement.

Item 8.  Payment Terms

8.1. The User agrees to Pay for access to the Site Service for the use of premium paid resume templates. The cost of payment for using the full functionality of the Site Service is 499 rubles per month or 199 rubles for a week or 49 rubles per day.

8.2. When creating their Form, the User agrees to provide us with a valid, current and complete payment, contact information. We accept payment by debit card and credit card.

8.3 As a result of the Payment, the user will create an Account with Premium access for an unlimited period time.

8.4 After the Payment, the information for accessing the Account is sent to the specified Email address in the Service in the form of login and password.

8.5 The User Pays only for Premium access to the Service after which access to download is provided by any in a convenient way and sending the Form to an e-mail address. Other services for blank correction, insertion of photographs and other actions from the Form are not included in the cost of the Site Service and are not provided by the Service Administration.

Clause 9. Intellectual Property and Rights

9.1. Without limiting the User's ownership of the User Content, the Site Administration owns all intellectual property rights and proprietary rights in relation to:

а) Services, Site and System;

b) Any content uploaded and posted by the Site Administration, including, but not limited to the following: templates, samples or designs of documents available when using the Services of the Site, as well as any other content, posted on our Service, Site or System (hereinafter referred to as "Materials").

9.2. The right of the User to use the Service, the System, the Site and any posted Materials or other content is subject to the User's compliance with this Agreement. Modifying or using the Materials or any other content posted on this Site, for any purpose not permitted by this Agreement, is a violation intellectual property rights of the Site Administration and is prohibited.

9.3. The User may copy, access, download and display the Materials and all other content, displayed on this Site is for non-commercial, personal, entertainment use. Materials and everything else Content posted on this Site may not be copied, reproduced, republished, downloaded, displayed, publish, transmit, distribute, license or use in any other way, except cases when the Site Administration gives special permission for this.

9.4. For the avoidance of doubt, the User must not:

a) Make changes to any Materials uploaded through the Service, except as expressly permitted during normal use of the Service; 

b) Create, produce or assist in the creation of any designs, samples or templates of documents, or other similar materials that are similar to or derived from the Materials.

Clause 10. Liability of the parties

10.1. Responsibility of the Site Administration in relation to the User's use of the Service, System, Site and / or Materials should not exceed the amount of the Fee paid by the User immediately preceding the first the event that served as the basis for the User to file a claim against the Site Administration.

10.2. The Site Administration is not responsible for any indirect or subsequent losses or damages incurred By the user, regardless of how they originated.

10.3. The Site Administration is not responsible for any loss of profit, expected savings, business opportunity, reputation, loss or corruption of data and/or loss of employment or employment opportunities, whether or not whether they are direct or indirect and whether they can be foreseen and/or prevented.

10.4. The Site Administration is not responsible for non-compliance with this Agreement resulting from events that are independent of the Site Administration. 

Events beyond the control of the Site Administration include, but are not limited to, the following: violation or failure Internet or network connections, telecommunication failures, power outages, household problems, mobilization, war, traffic, strikes, supply cuts, natural disasters, and any change in circumstances or decisions third parties (for example, potential employers).

Clause 11. Guarantees of the parties

11.1. Nothing in this Agreement shall affect any legal rights that the User has as the consumer and which the User cannot change or cancel by contract.

11.2. Despite the fact that the Site Administration makes reasonable efforts to update all information, provided by the Service, the Site Administration does not give any representations, warranties or warranties, both express and and implied that such information is accurate, complete and up to date.

11.3. The Site Service (including the System) is provided "as is" and "as available" and, in particular, The Site Administration does not give any guarantees or assurances that:

a) The use of the Service will meet the requirements and expectations of the User;

b) The service will be available;

c) The use of the Service by the User will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, reliable and / or error-free; 

d) Defects of various kinds and nature in the operation or functionality of the Service will be corrected.

11.4. Except as expressly provided in this Agreement, no implied warranties or other conditions, including any implied conditions relating to satisfactory quality or fitness for specific purpose, do not apply to the Service or its use by the User.

Item 12. Duration of the Service

12.1. This Agreement comes into force from the moment you start using the Service.

12.2. The Site Administration may terminate the User's use of the Service and/or the System immediately, without prior notice:

a) If the User violates these Agreements;

b) If the Site Administration has reason to suspect that the use of the System or the Service by the User is illegal or discredits us;

d) If the Site Administration believes that, by law, the Site Administration is obliged to terminate the User use by the System or the Service;

e) If the Site Administration terminates the System or Service; or

f) to protect the legitimate business interests of the Site Administration.

12.4. Upon termination of use for any reason, all rights granted to the User in accordance with this Agreement are immediately canceled and the User must immediately stop all activities permitted this Agreement (including the use of the Site Materials).

Item 13. Final Provisions

13.1. All disputes, controversies and claims that may arise in connection with the performance, termination or recognition invalid Agreements are resolved in a claim procedure. The party that has a claim and/or disagreements, sends an e-mail message to the other Party indicating the claims that have arisen and / or disagreement.

13.1.1 Claim letters are sent by the parties by courier, or by registered mail with notification of delivery to the last addressee at the location of the parties. It is not allowed to send claims letters by the parties in other ways.

13.1.2 If a dispute arises between the User and the Site Administration, the party making the claim must substantiate them with documents, attach appropriate screenshots to the written claim. Before going to court a claim for disputes arising from the relationship between the User and the Site Administration is mandatory sending a written claim.

13.2. If the response to the message is not received by the Party that sent the message within 30 (thirty) days from the date of sending the relevant message, or if the Parties do not come to an agreement on the claims that have arisen and/or disagreements, the dispute is subject to resolution in court at the location of the Site Administrator.

13.3. Issues not regulated by this Agreement shall be resolved in accordance with the law Russian Federation.

13.4 The Site Administrator carries out activities to support software, modify software means and support of functioning, work in the mode of dispatching communication.

The Site Administrator daily carries out procedures for carrying out actions and solving problems within the framework of the process software maintenance.

The Site Administrator independently determines the procedures for receiving, registering and tracking problem reports, requests for modification from users and providing feedback to users.

The Site Administrator analyzes problem reports or modification requests to determine impacts on existing system and related systems.

The Site Administrator will verify the problem himself.

The Site Administrator independently develops modification options that should be included in maintenance of the software product.

The Site Administrator performs:

14. Additional terms

14.1 Recommended software for using the Site:

14.2 The Website Administration does not depend on the equipment of the User's device with the necessary software for access to the downloadable Form from the Site Service.

14.3 The preview of the Form on the template selection page may differ from the final appearance of the finished Form in *.PDF format.

Effective date: 06/01/2022